Spotted Cow Paper is a sister-run company Born in Columbus, OH.  We know and appreciate the importance that a little piece of paper arriving in the mail can have on one's day. We loved sending cards, but never found the right one that captured our sentiments. Thus, Spotted Cow Paper was born.  The name Spotted Cow Paper is an homage to our childhood spent on our family's dairy farm in Tipp City, OH.

Katie, the creative director, has over a decade of experience working in the fashion industry at some of retail's top brands.  Mary Beth, the account director, has a background in the legal and business field.

We believe in sending and sharing smiles across the miles with our greeting cards.  All cards are customizable with all fill-in-the blank concept.  We love that no two cards can ever be the same!  The sender can tailor the message depending on their feelings and the recipient. The cards can be outrageously funny, scandalous or sweet as cherry pie.

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